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C44 Health Facilities Robertson Barracks

Sitzler - Project - C44 Health Facilities Robertson Barracks
project details
Darwin, Northern Territory
Department of Defence
Contract Value:
Completion Date:
March 1995
Paul Burstinghaus, Connell Wagner Savant
Ian Lawson, Connell Wagner Savant

The Health Facilities is made up of seven (7) buildings with four (4) of the seven (7) buildings consisting of a design used previously as part of 2nd Cavalry. The Health, Dental and Pol Store are a new design. The buildings were mainly of structural steel and reinforced block with cladded walls. The construction of these seven (7) buildings was broken up into portions, Portion 1 and Portion 2.

Portion 1 was completed four (4) months before Portion 2, Sitzler experienced many problems on this project due to the lack of documentation and the quality of what was documented. This meant that Sitzler took a proactive role in solving and overcoming these problems.

Sitzler were able to complete the project on time without extensions of time. We were able to achieve this by working more along the lines of a design and construct contractor by involving the Architect in the day to day problem solving.

Portion 2 proved to be far more of a challenge with the site having to stop work for seven (7) weeks until we were able to take delivery of the structural steel due to design inadequacies. This process was accelerated by producing the steel as soon as drawings were completed. Throughout the building of the Health Facilities the structural steel was erected on site and completed before the approved shop drawings were received back stamped approved to start fabrication. This saved a further four (4) weeks to the already seven (7) weeks lost due to this problem.

In dealing with this problem Sitzler took a very proactive and leading role in driving the project to its completion despite the design shortcomings and far more, and the project was completed on its original completion date.

The project was completed on the 26th May 1995.