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CSR Ord River Sugar Mill Kununurra

Sitzler - Project - CSR Ord River Sugar Mill Kununurra
project details
Kununurra, Western Australia
Contract Value:
Completion Date:
February 1995
Greg Schultz, Schultz Tate Greg Group

The CSR Sugarmill consisted of the construction of cane receival and preparation pits, cane receival shredder, conveyors, receival hoist winch foundations, milling and juicing mills, storage silos, molasses loading station and pump foundation, reagent storage and preparation areas, workshops, weigh bridges, pipe racks, transformer yard and power generation foundations, ash settling ponds, conveyors baggas bin foundations and conveyors, fluid coolers, water tanks and boiler foundations, and water intake pit construction.

The project was carried out on a fast track schedule of rates format during the wet season of 1994/1995 with site temperatures often exceeding 500C. This resulted in all concrete pours being carried out at night. Formworkers and reinforcing fixers worked from 4.00am to 3.00pm on a seven day per week cycle.

Careful attention to detail ensured that every holding down bolt was in its correct location and a standard of off form concrete finish was excellent. The highly corrosive environment of sugar mills required a reinforcing cover and protective treatment on bolts and structures. All formwork, concrete finish and reinforcing was carried out directly by
Sitzler labour.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your valued contribution to the Ord project. Your company's professional approach has helped make the Ord project the engineering excellence project we all targeted. Thank you for your contribution.

David McAdam
Managing Director