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Energy House Refurbishment

Sitzler - Project - Energy House Refurbishment
project details
Darwin, Northern Territory
Macquarie Property Management
Contract Value:
Completion Date:
November 1998
Pat Coleman, Savant Pty Ltd

Sitzler was approached in January 1998 to provide input into the design of this refurbishment project this led to a submission of a maximum guaranteed price for the refurbishment works. The design and documentation was completed on the 27th March 1998.

During the design phase Sitzler provided the design team, which included Savant Pty Ltd, Matthews Kapetas Ehrlich Architects, Connell Wagner Pty Ltd and Rider Hunt (NT) Pty Ltd, with some innovative ideas on finish and constructability. This included stainless steel fascia to the front of the building, shopfront detail and the stainless steel light pelmets.

Due to the discovery of asbestos and the staging of refurbishment works to accommodate the asbestos removal, the construction program extended to 26 weeks from the originally anticipated 13 weeks. Each tenant needed to be relocated whilst the asbestos was being removed. Sitzler suggested that the PAWA tenancy be moved to the second floor into temporary accommodation to save multiple relocations.

During the base building refurbishment works Sitzler tendered on and was successful in the award of the fit out works for PAWA, and Transport and Works Road Safety Tenancies. Once the project got to this stage the works continued in a well organised and efficient manner, with the main focus to ensure tenants on the ground floor were able to conduct their business, with as little disruption as possible. Another area that required continued management attention from a safety perspective, was having general public access through a building site. This was achieved by continual proactive planning and daily organisation and co-ordination.

As a result of the above and the proactive involvement of Savant Pty Ltd and MKEA, the project was a huge success and ran very smoothly. The project was finalised on 6th November 1998 and all reports received by Sitzler, which include the Project Manager - Savant Pty Ltd, building owner - Macquarie Property Management, the property manager - Colliers Jardine, the architect - Matthews Kapetas Ehrlich Architects and the tenants involved, praised the professionalism with which this refurbishment work took place and, of course the quality of the end product.

The quality of the design, materials and workmanship is second to none, and it has lifted the appearance of the building which has in turn attracted new tenants.

The efforts of both yourself and your staff in the coordination of the construction works to ensure it occurred both smoothly and in a timely manner are to be commended."

Darryl A Day
General Manager Infrastructure Services
Power & Water Authority.

"One of the contributing factors to the success of the project was the attitude and commitment to the project by Sitzler...

Ken May
Director - Property Management
Colliers Jardine