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Hungry Jacks Palmerston

Sitzler - Project - Hungry Jacks Palmerston
project details
Palmerston, Northern Territory
Competitive Foods
Contract Value:
Completion Date:
October 2000
Michael Fielder, MF Architects
Ray McPherson, Hungry Jacks

This project included a number of redesigns, which included the precast panels (the structure is pre-cast concrete with steel truss framed roof), steelwork to accommodate the air-conditioning plant, hydraulic services under the floor level to allow for minimal falls from the floor level to the existing level of the waste and changes to a number of lighting items.

Redesign of the mechanical services allowed the equipment to fit into the structure, the plant room was changed to an open air plenum to allow access to equipment and supply fresh air into the system. Fresh air supply fans were added to the party room airconditioning units to comply with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

One of the difficulties experienced during the course of this project was the number of trades involved in a relatively small area. There were also a significant number of changes made during construction, especially during the last 2 weeks of the project with the client requesting approximately 70 small items to be added to our works

In summary the project team overcame these obstacles using a pro-active approach and the store was completed to a high quality standard as is evidenced by the number of minor defects on handover of the building.