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Carey Street Showroom Alterations

Sitzler - Project - Carey Street Showroom Alterations
project details
Darwin, Northern Territory
Moretti Investments Pty Ltd
Contract Value:
Completion Date:
December 2001
Brendan Dunn, L.J.Hooker

The Carey Street Warehouses/Showroom alterations project commenced as a simple demolition/ refurbishment project. The Client then requested that an existing tenant remain (located in the area that was to be demolished first) and be relocated after refurbishment of another section had been completed. The area tenanted was to be the carpark, which also had the longest task duration, placing enormous pressure on the site team.

This meant that the project had to be staged, without extending the completion date. The area that the remaining tenant was to relocate to had to be fast forwarded producing safety implications as finishing trades needed to be on site simultaneously with the demolition team.

The completion date was however achieved by working on several fronts and extra hours.

Several design changes were also implemented to shorten the carpark task duration and therefore being able to deliver the project on time.