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B.O.C. Gas Liquefier Helium Plant

Boc Gas Liquifier Helium Plant, Darwin, NT
project details
Darwin, NT
B.O.C. Limited
Contract Value:
Completion Date:
30 September 2009
Allen Gower, Project Manager B.O.C.

The B.O.C. Liquefier Helium Plant project involved design and construction by Sitzler of all civil, structural, building and site services for the processing plant. The processing plant and commissioning of this was carried out by B.O.C and its affiliates.

The completed B.O.C. Liquefier Helium Plant design and construct project allows our client B.O.C. Gasses Australia to recover the helium component of the existing waste nitrogen stream coming from within the Darwin L.N.G. plant.

The completed facility will provide our client with 24 hour production capability using previously redundant by-product of the existing production processes at the site. The final design undertaken by Sitzler required careful planning and strategic placement, in order to allow the construction of a mix of operational buildings and other essential operational plant structures, whilst maintaining accessibility for semi trailer access within such a tight lease of land.

The technology used to extract the helium, process it and store and distribute the product to B.O.C's clients is leading edge; Helium being the world's coldest product at -230oC. Precision in all facets of design and construction were critical to it's success.

With the project being undertaken from start to finish during Darwins significant wet season major components of the civil and concrete works were carried out around the clock in an attempt to utilise all available dry hours. This in conjunction with other astute design and construction methodology saw the project completed within an extremely tight time frame and allowed our client to start their operational fit out without delay. All works were carried out with the highest level of commitment to Quality and safety which saw a mutually successful project outcome for both Sitzler and our client.