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DLNG Fin Fan Walkways

DLNG Fin Fan Walkways, Darwin, NT
project details
Wickham Point N.T.
ConocoPhillips Australasia
Contract Value:
Completion Date:
2nd July 2010
Kent Ramsay, Worley Parsons

The �Conoco Phillips fin fan walkways, stair and ladders project essentially encompassed the supply and installation of additional purpose built Stairs, Walkways and Ladders on both the Methane / Ethylene and Propane fin fan decks. The fin fans are a major part of the hydrocarbon cooling process in which process gas is passed through the fan coils prior to storage of the finished product. The heat produced during this process results in the surrounding air temperature at 60 DegC. The projects proximity to a number of contained process flammable gasses and operational plant in general, resulted in some major hazards being identified as carrying the greatest risk to personnel and property alike. The main hazards identified were:
  • Height due to the work zone being 25+ meters above ground level.
  • Ignition sources from construction equipment/methods with a potential to cause fire or explosion
  • High ambient temperatures caused by both ambient and artificial heat sources.
  • Contact / damage to live plant again potentially causing fire or explosion.
A number of strategies were developed by the project team, and subsequently implemented in order to reduce or eliminate potential hazards, while ensuring compliance with ConocoPhillips stringent systems and procedures.
The main purpose of the new infrastructure is to increase the level of access and egress locations in order to accommodate the ongoing maintenance requirements associated with the existing plant and rotating equipment. Darwin L.N.G. is an operational live plant with Major Hazard Facility status. As a result our client and their representatives expected unconditional commitment to OH&S, which was taken on board by Sitzler and became the single biggest driving factor behind the project execution plan and schedule.