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JP3029 Phase 2 Space Surveillance Telescope - Preliminary Works, Exmouth, WA

Angalarri River Crossing, Bradshaw Field Training Area, NT
project details
Exmouth, Western Australia
Department of Defence
Contract Value:
Commencement Date:
1 December 2014
Completion Date:
10 March 2015
Neville White, GHD as PMCA for Defence

The Department of Defence is proposing to construct facilities to accommodate a Space Surveillance Telescope (SST) at the Harold E Holt Naval Communications Station in Exmouth, WA. Sitzler was engaged on a design-and-construct basis to carry out preliminary civil works associated with access to the site that will enable early completion of the new telescope facility.

The SST Preliminary Works project involved the provision of a 1km access track extending to the top of a hill, upon which a 8000m2 building platform will be provided.

Construction of the access track and level platform involved approximately 6000m3 of excavation in rock and the placement of over 20000m3 of fill material, with excavated limestone material being crushed, screened and re-used on site. Works commenced in November 2014 and was completed 10th of March 2015.