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Current Projects

Space Surveillance Telescope Facility, Exmouth, WA

Sitzler are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Integrated Managing Contractor Contract for construction of the Space Surveillance Telescope Facility in Exmouth Western Australia, and are genuinely excited about delivering such a bespoke project.

The successfully completed project will provide dedicated facilities to support the operation of the SST, which is to be relocated from its present location in New Mexico to HEH in Exmouth, Western Australia. The relocation of the SST will assist to develop an Australian Defence Force and enhanced southern hemisphere space surveillance capability, providing an increased ability to monitor satellites and track space debris.

We look forward to having successful market participants on board and are ready to build and develop a team worthy of such a unique opportunity. Potential participants are invited to express their interest through contacting the project team at

Refurbishment Works at Defence Establishment Berrimah, NT

Refurbishment, painting, cleaning and installation of new materials to a large number of existing buildings and associated infrastructure works. See more of our Commercial and Community Projects.

Roper River and Wilton River, High Level Bridge Crossings and Road Upgrade, NT

Managing Contractor Contract to construct approaches and a new high level bridge crossing of the Roper River, upgrade approaches and construct a new high level bridge at Wilton Crossing. See more of our Civil Projects.

Wadeye Police Complex, NT

The project comprises the design and construction of the new Wadeye Police Complex. This consists of a Police Station, VOQ, boat shed, dog kennels and 14 officer houses. Sitzler will manage the design and development approval process as well as the application to consolidate existing parcels of land to create a “super lot”.
Construction works include the decommissioning and demolition of dilapidated Power Water Corporation facilities and the existing Police Station and annexes.
The construction of the new complex will be delivered in stages over two years. See more of our Commercial and Community Projects.