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Current Projects

Palmerston Police Station, Darwin, NT
New Police Station and Watch House which includes Administration Offices, Operational Areas, Watch House, Community Hall, Services Building and covered parking areas complete with associated civil works, landscaping, fencing, pathways, site servicing and connections to all relevant services. See more of our Commercial and Community Projects.

Alan Walker Cancer Care Centre, Darwin, NT

Expansion of the Chemotherapy Chair facility and construction of a new Cyclotron facility at the Alan Walker Cancer Care Centre Royal Darwin Hospital. See more of our Commercial and Community Projects.

Remote Community Housing, Wadeye, NT

Construction of 6 new houses as part of the NT Government’s Remote Community Housing program. See more of our Commercial and Community Projects.

RAAF Darwin Building Maintenance Works, Darwin, NT

Maintenance works which includes 19 packages delivered under two staged handovers at the Airwomens Quarters precinct, Admissions Centre, Armaments Workshop (BRA) and Tech Servicing Workshop.

Royal Darwin Hospital PET Scanner and Second CT Facility, Darwin, NT

Construction of the new PET scanner and CT scanner facilities in at the Royal Darwin Hospital Main Ward Block in two separate buildings adjacent to the Radiology Department. See more of our Commercial and Community Projects.

Civil & Plumbing Works, Learmonth, WA

The civil aat RAAF Base Learmonth includes reforming and vegetating, diversion channels, upgrading the stormwater, network in the workshop areas and accommodation zone and the supply and installation wastewater treatment facility. Plumbing Works includes drilling and capping new bores, replacement sections pipe, wastewater pumps and pits, headwall and culvert replacement, headwall refurbishment, backflow prevention device installed and dedicated water pipe to be installed servicing the water tanks

Mount Compass Area School STEM Building

Construction of a new STEM Building including surrounding pavement and landscaping, demolition of 2 existing buildings.

Space Surveillance Telescope Facility, Exmouth, WA

Sitzler are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Integrated Managing Contractor Contract for construction of the Space Surveillance Telescope Facility in Exmouth Western Australia, and are genuinely excited about delivering such a bespoke project.

The successfully completed project will provide dedicated facilities to support the operation of the SST, which is to be relocated from its present location in New Mexico to HEH in Exmouth, Western Australia. The relocation of the SST will assist to develop an Australian Defence Force and enhanced southern hemisphere space surveillance capability, providing an increased ability to monitor satellites and track space debris.